Prof. Dr. Kozma Tamás - research leader

Dr. Teperics Károly - team leader

Dr. Juhász Erika - team leader

Dr. habil Pusztai Gabriella - team leader

Bordás Andrea - coordinator

Ceglédi Tímea - coordinator


Prof Tamas Kozma


The mission statement of TERD (Tertiary Education and Regional Development) aims to form and introduce an alternative strategy for regional development - alternative in the classical sense of economic development and regional welfare. A substitute of this approach might be regional development by supporting education, training and LLL within the society of a given region. TERD is a research to test whether an alternative developmental strategy might work, how and why it would work.


The Comparative Team of TERD is dedicated to international tolerance through intercultural understanding. "Partium", our field of study, is a region with several ethnic, religious and national communities. Educational and cultural policies and practices in the region can only be comprehended if we place them into their own national and international contexts.


Doctoral students - as young researchers - form the core of the team. They are both dedicated and eager to learn new phenomena. Their innovativeness and novel approaches add a special sense to the study of a region whose communities are working so hard to secure their places at the margins of the European Union.



Website: http://nevtudphd.unideb.hu/kozmatamas

Office: +36 52 512922

Mobile: +36 30 5844067

E-mail: KozmaT@ella.hu



Gabriella Pusztai Dr habil


As the manager of the institutional researches group, I am responsible for coordinating the efforts and research done by this group. My grounding studies and practice gained during diverse researches facilitate directing this research in a creative and professional way.

Being a researcher of education, I apply the education-political and education-sociological approaches in a combined system. Consequently, I am able to detect the interaction of micro- and macro processes.  I emphasize the transformation of doctorates from individuals to research group so that they can have the benefits and pleasure in the meaningful work done in a community.


Homepage: http://dragon.unideb.hu/nevtud/Oktdolg/Oneletrajzok/PG.htm

Contact information: gabriella.pusztai@ella.hu






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